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About Barney Unleashed:

Welcome to Barney Unleashed!

A blog all about me, Barney! I am currently two weeks old (as of 09/01/2020) and am a Labrador Retriever puppy and the world is a very new and exciting place. I will be joining my new owners in February, which is scary, but my breeder has assured me they are really nice.

There are many reason’s why I decided to launch my blog. Why am I only doing this now – because this is my owner Jordan’s first experience of owning his own dog. How exciting! So, he and I along with George will be posting regular pup-dates for you all to enjoy. I’m really looking forward to sharing my adventures and experiences along my journey of puppy hood. Who knows what’s around the corner? Plus, we an bring a little bit of puppy-joy to the world and lots of wagging tails and training.

When I’m not sharing updates with all my new friends, I’m getting used to the big wide world with a little help from my mummy, and some from her mummy who’s daddy owns my daddy. I am a pure-bred Labrador Retriever who has been raised in a loving home with all my brothers and sisters in East Bergholt. My new home is in Ipswich, Suffolk and I can’t wait to smell all the new smells.

My dad is a working Lab, and my mum is a family pet. The perfect mix if you ask me, but I’m sure I’ll test both my daddies along the way. Oh yes, did I forget to mention that I have two dads – Jordan & George, wait no I did mention them. I get puppy brain sometimes. They have two housemates who live with them, who you will get to read lots about along my journey.

My daddy George is a trained photographer, so you can expect some excellent shots providing I’m on my best behaviour and Jordan – well he tries… he’s not a professional, but we will still have some fun. Apparently, he’s going to teach me some cool tricks like posing Then, George will be able to take lots of pictures for you guys to enjoy (providing I’m on my best behaviour and they have some good treats).  

So whether I’m out on the town having a puppy-prosecco, running around Suffolk, exploring the world, sniffing out the latest pet product bargains, or simply snuggling up with my teddies. I hope you’ll enjoy the crazy ride I take my new owners on!

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